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Kalamos, Porto Leone
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A speciality in the North Ionian Sea are the waves from the big ferry-boats coming from Italy going to Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras. On a small boat, even if there is no wind and no ferry to be seen, count always with sudden waves coming from nowhere. These waves also enter some ports and bays (Syvota-Mainland, Frikes and Kioni - Ithaka). Most remarkable damages on charter-boats have been caused by this "phenomenon" in certain ports.

At this page we will place more and more tips for nice restaurants, little harbours and so on.

Near the entrance to Gouvia-Marina you find "Harrys Taverna", a nice family taverna

In Gaios on Parga we recommend "Dodos" Taverna, on the South Entrance of the Harbour you will find a sign leading into the Olive trees.

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